Doing Yoga can be a great way to boost your mood create a routine and make the most of having limited time. This is a wonderful opportunity to keep us focused mentally. It is very important for your health and wellbeing to keep moving.

Leg Stretch



6.30pm - 75min -  Online Restore Flow 8pm

Each week we focus on a section of the body to bring restoration and calm, allowing the body to flow with ease.


8pm - 45min -  Online Yoga Nidra

A deep yogic meditation focusing on body and breath to help with a restful nights sleep 



7.30pm - 80min -Online Yin Yoga

A soothing practice where we hold poses to stretch the body, and bring calm to the mind. 



9am - 75min - Online Yin Yang

A gentle practice to bring energy to the whole body, calm the mind and awaken and invigorate.



Classes range from £5-£15 depending on duration and where they are held. If you are going through difficult times financially and cannot afford it right now just get in touch and I can make a space available for you.


All Online Classes are via Zoom, Classes will be sent via email once you have booked.

Create your space light some candles, wear some comfy clothes and make sure you can stretch. Have some blankets, pillows, bolsters or blocks to ensure you can really relax.


These classes are held in Avery Hill Park, we meet at outside the Winter Garden (also known as Avery Hill Conservatory) which is close to the Avery Hill Cafe . Bring your own mat or get in touch to let me know you need one, These classes are in keeping with Covid 19 rules with a maximum of  1 person, No assist, and 2 meter spacing. At the moment Park Classes are just for one on one practices. 


one on one practices can be online or in person.