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A Hike is a great way to connect with Nature and each other, many studies have proven the beneficial effects of exercise on mental health and one’s outlook on life.

Physical activity induces the release of endorphin (a powerful chemical in your brain) which energise your spirit, making you feel happy.  As we deeply breathe in the wilderness, the stagnant things seem to fall away. . The sense of accomplishment is gratifying enough to improve our perception on all things in life.


Morning Walk 7km

Every Thursday - 7am



Creating a morning for connection and wellbeing Surrounding yourself with

nature and community.


Beginner 14km

27th January 

Otford | Kent


A delightful rural Hike. 

We venture to Kent and it perfectly illustrates why its known as the "Garden of England".



Image by Cristina Gottardi

Intermediate 24km

25th February

Leith Hill | Surrey


An exciting Hike across Englands most wooded county. with a beautiful panoramic view of one of Southern Englands highest points topped with its 18th Century Tower.

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