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Sound Solstice
Saturday 23rd October - 7.30pm

This Sound Solstice Workshop will be a celebration of the Autumn season.

A chance to clear out any energy that is no longer needed and bring something new in.

We will be starting with a Yin Yoga practice to stimulate and balance the Lung and Large Intestine Meridian. These Meridians bring the element of Metal which spiritually lets us tune into what we want to have and what we need to let go of before we go into are most reflective time of the year Winter.  Once fully relaxed and open to the new energy of Autumn we will end our practice with Crystal Singing Bowls and Gong to create a healing sound journey.

  • Enjoy and celebrate Autumn

  • Understand the underlying strength and harness it within.

  • Practice a Lung & Large Intestine Meridian Stimulating the Metal Yin Practice

  • Balance and renew the energies within.

  • Familiarise yourself with the Seed Sound of the Throat

  • Participate in Mantra and Mudras

  • Release physical tension with a deeply relaxing Sound Bath 

  • Press pause on the mind and give yourself a much needed rest. 

About Sound Solstice Workshop

Yoga is very different from other forms of exercise in that the Yoga Poses and breathing techniques not only work the physical body, but it is said that they also play an important part in the distribution of energy around the subtle body. The Meridians are strings connecting acupressure points, which are considered as passageways at which the energy flows. When the energy flows freely are aligned it brings vibrant health on all levels of our being.


In this workshop you will practice yoga postures, breathing techniques and also experience a guided meditation and sound healing session aimed at opening our Metal energy. You will gain an understanding of what the Autumn season can bring and how it can relate to your overall well-being.


Who's it for?
The workshop is open to Students of all levels from beginners to advanced.

Time & Place

This 2hrs minute session is on Saturday 23rd October 7.30pm and will be in my space Mervyn Avenue SE9 (full address will be provided once booking is made) 


 Very limited spaces available so make sure you book your spot soon.

Price - £19

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