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Taking a bit of extra time for your practice or experiencing something new is what a workshop is all about give one a go. 

The Creative Self Day Retreat...

The seeds of creativity are within all of us waiting to be accessed and expressed. Give yourself the permission to delve into your inner landscape, to connect with your truth and express your creative self.


Join us on this nourishing workshop to explore and express your  core self through yoga, gong and art meditation


What does the day include?

Our 3 part workshop  will start with an energizing yet mindful workshop length vinyasa yoga practice. Expect to unwind tension ,  bring your focus on to your body, center your attention and move in time with the breath.


We will go  further within through Gong Meditation. An invitation to be with your subconscious, accepting and allowing authentic thought, feeling and emotion to surface .


Finally closing  the circle with an expression of what ever is present within through mindful group and individual creative making

What do I need to bring?

All mats, blocks and straps will be provided. You may want to bring some socks/ extra layers or a small blanket , and money for lunch if you want to eat in the lush Space!


How much does it cost?

Grab yourself a bargain at our early bird rate of  £35, or £65 for you and a friend.

All the details...


• When? Sunday 29th September 2019, 10:30am - 1:30pm


• Where?  The beautiful Beckenham Place Mansion


• How do I book? Click on the Book link  to request and pay via PayPal, Don't have Pave PayPal get in touch for an online booking form. 


• How much? 

◦ Early bird

£35.00 per person, or £65 for two people (booked before 29th August 2019)

◦ Regular price

£45 per person, or for two people for £85 (must be booked by the 4th September 2019)

"Yoga is a Light which once lit will never dim, the better your practice the brighter your flame"

-B.K.S Iyengar-


Yin Yoga & Gong Meditation

Tuesday 25th February




Wednesday 26th February


My Own Space


Yin Yoga focuses on releasing the connective tissue of the body by holding poses for long periods of time we then end the class with soothing tones of the Gong, This is a stilling practice that cultivates a deep sense of awareness through the release of mind and body stresses.



6.30pm - 75min -  Online Restore Flow 8pm

Each week we focus on a section of the body to bring restoration and calm, allowing the body to flow with ease.


8pm - 45min -  Online Yoga Nidra

A deep yogic meditation focusing on body and breath to help with a restful nights sleep 


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