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Private Classes

Whether you are new to yoga, have specific needs or injuries, you have a group celebration or you are looking to deepen your existing practice with some personal attention and guidance, CHTYoga offers a private session in your home, favourite place, office or for your event. It is a fantastic opportunity to open yourself up to the never-ending journey of yoga. In the initial session we will have a consultation to discuss your aspirations, needs and experience before tailoring a yoga routine specifically for you, giving you enough information for you to be able to establish your own personal yoga practice at home.


Your Home

45 MINS            60 MINS            90 MINS

       £35                       £45                     £55       

Share your session with one other at no extra cost.


Book Four 60 Minute Classes


My Space

45 MINS            60 MINS            90 MINS

       £25                       £35                      £45       


Book Four 60 Minute Classes


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